Unlike other nuts fresh chestnuts are a perishable crop.  Because of their high moisture content they must be kept refrigerated.  Here at the farm we keep ours in a large commercial refrigerator at 33o F and 95% humidity or higher.  They will last 3 months or so.  Low temperatures just above freezing and high humidity are the secrets to long life.

In a home refrigerator they won't keep that long because our home refrigerators do not maintain temperatures low enough and the automatic defrost features remove moisture from the environment, so we have to be creative.  We recommend storing the nuts in slightly perforated plastic bags, or solid plastic bags that you've put some small holes in.  Place a damp paper towel in with them.  They should last a couple of weeks. 

For long-term storage we blanch and peel the nuts (see the How to Peel page from the "Cooking" button above) and then vacuum-seal them and put them in the freezer.  One pound of fresh nuts in the shell yields 12 oz or 2 1/4 C of blanched, peeled nuts and that's the quantity we use in each bag since so many recipes call for a pound of nuts.  Stored in this manner they will last a year without any noticeable degradation of appearance or flavor.

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