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Fresh Chestnuts
Fresh chestnutsJumbo Colossal Chestnuts (1.5"+ diameter) -- 5 lb bags only @ $8.40/lb -- $42.00

Large Colossal Chestnuts (1.25 -1.5" diameter)   About 24 per lb.
4 lb minimum order -- $6.85/lb. Very limited quantities. SOLD OUT


Medium Colossal Chestnuts (1.125-1.25" diameter).  About 36 per lb.
4 lb minimum order -- $6.00/lb. SOLD OUT

Fresh Chestnut Gift Boxes

Chestnut gift box
Large Holiday Gift Box -- The perfect gift for the person who is impossible to buy for.  Four lbs. of our large fresh chestnuts available in natural excelsior in a handcrafted box.  Includes a chestnut knife. Best consumed within 2 weeks of receipt. $41.75


Small Holiday Gift Box -- A smaller version of our Large Holiday Gift Pack.   Two lbs 12 oz. of our largest fresh chestnuts available nestled in natural excelsior in a handcrafted box.  Includes a chestnut knife. Best consumed within 2 weeks of receipt. $32.30


Fresh Chestnut AccessoriesChestnut knife

Chestnut Knife -- Perfect for scoring the nuts before roasting or helping remove the last bit of pellicle.  Unlike wood-handle chestnut knives this one is permanently dishwasher-safe.  (Shipping weight 8 oz).  You won't find a better value in a chestnut knife anywhere. $7.65 if purchased with another item, $10.00 if purchased as the only item. Limited supply.



Chestnut roaster

Short-handled Chestnut Roasting Pan -- A quality black carbon steel pan, 11" diameter.  The surface allows for easy roasting of chestnuts over a gas stove or barbecue.  Perfect gift for that special person. $25.25.   SOLD OUT

Chestnut Flour

Chestnut flour

Chestnut Flour -- extra fine -- Gluten free.  Milled in our commercial kitchen. Best kept frozen or refrigerated. 

1 lb bag -- $12.55

5 lb bag -- $60.50


Dried Chestnuts

Dried chestnuts


Dried Chestnuts  -- Gluten free.  Dried and peeled.  One pound dried quals 2 lbs 6 oz. fresh nuts in the shell.  Rehydrate and use in recipes throughout the year. 

1 lb bag -- $12.55

5 lb bag -- $60.50

Chestnut Chips

Chestnut chips

Chestnut Chips 1 lb bag -- Gluten free Small bits of dried chestnuts that rehydrate quickly -- 1/2 C of chips in 1 C boiling water rehydrates in 4 minutes.  Can be used for making soup, garnishing a salad, or maybe for making a topping for your favorite ice cream. 

1 lb bag -- $13.10


Chestnut Pancake and Waffle Mix

Chestnut pancakes

Chestnut Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix -- Gluten Free.  High in fiber.  A light fluffy mix with the sweetness of chestnuts.  Quick and easy.  Makes 12  6" pancakes.



Gluten Free Gift PakThe Basics

The Basics, a Gluten Free Gift Pak -- Includes 1 lb chestnut flour, 1 lb dried chestnuts and 1 lb dried chestnut chips.  Comes in a handmade wooden crate lined with excelsior and a raffia tie. 




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