Celebrate National Chestnut Week
Open House at the orchard

Chestnuts make the world a better place!

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 --  11:00 a.m. 'til 5:00 p.m.

Let's celebrate chestnuts!  What other food is so versatile that it can be found in soups and salads, main dishes, combined with meat or in desserts?  What other food can be found in a fancy hors d' oeuvre or as a simple snack.  Add to this the fact that it's very low in fat and you've got yourself a real health food.  Oh, and don't forget -- hot roasted chestnuts also make great hand warmers in your pocket on a chilly day.  Now that's what I call a real food.

People ate chestnuts for centuries in Europe, Asia and North America until the chestnut blight decimated the trees in our U.S. forests.  So what we have now are at least two generations of Americans who have never tasted this sweet delicacy of the nut kingdom.  Our goal is to spread the word that chestnuts are here again and they're great.

Celebrate National Chestnut Week by visiting our orchard on Saturday, Oct. 13, from 11:00 'til 5:00.  Learn how chestnuts are grown and processed.  Learn why they are good for you.  Learn about sustainable farming practices.

DIRECTIONS TO THE FARM:  DIRECTIONS:  From Portland, OR, take I-5 north, crossing the Columbia River to Exit 14 -- the Ridgefield exit.  Go west about a mile to N. 45th Ave.  Go north on 45th about a mile to NW 289th St.  Go west about a half mile on 289th to NW 41st Ave.   Turn right (north) and go 660' to 29112 NW 41st Ave.  Drive in past the trees and park on the south (left) side of the barn.  Coming from Seattle or points north go south on I-5 to Exit 14 and follow the above directions.






Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012
11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

-- Learn how chestnuts are grown and processed for your table

--Watch a demonstration of our sweeper and harvester as they gather nuts from the orchard

--See our processing line in action.

--Take a look at Carolyn's handcrafted chestnut bowls.

--Watch a demonstration of our mills as they grind the nuts into flour

-- Free samples of hot roasted chestnuts

-- Free samples of our tasty chestnut bisque

-- Free recipes

-- Visit our authentic European-style garden maze.  It's a modified version of the Hampton Court Maze outside London.

-- And of course fresh chestnuts, dried chestnuts, flour and other chestnut products, including gluten free chestnut products will be available for purchase.

  We're proud to be members of the Chestnut Growers of America., Inc.

Contact us at Info@ChestnutsOnLine.com
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