Those of you who have Celiac Disease or who are allergic to or cannot tolerate wheat will appreciate the fact that chestnuts are gluten free.  As such, they offer an alternative for meal preparation.  Chestnut flour combined with other gluten free flours makes an incredibly sweet bread of good substance.  We've even used "chestnut chips" along with sesame seeds and poppy seeds to make a rich nutty bread that's wonderful for both sandwiches and toast.  And this is just a start.

I do not have Celiac Disease but I have a problem with wheat and periodically must eliminate it completely from my diet.  The first time I went on my wheat-free diet was back in the '80's and there weren't many alternatives, and where there were, the resources were extremely limited.  I remember trying to make sandwiches out of rice cakes and Wasa bread.  After six months I didn't want to see rice cakes or Wasa bread for the rest of my life.  Some of you can relate, I'm sure.

Rather than create a separate page for Gluten Free recipes we have clearly identified each recipe on our Family Favorite Recipes page and our Recipes from Tuscany page with the words: GLUTEN FREE.  I hope you enjoy them.

If you have other recipes utilizing chestnuts or chestnut flour that are gluten free we invite you to share them either through the Cooks' Forum or email them and we'll include them on the site.

Meanwhile, if you are new to the "celiac scene" and would like more information about the disease and the resources that are out there, we'd suggest you visit the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness website for more information.


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