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To place an order using our secure on-line shopping cart click on the "BUY NOW" button.  We reserve the right to substitute smaller nuts at the lower rate if the larger nuts are not available.  Your account is not charged until we ship.  For information on our return policy and detailed shipping information and a link to USPS shipping charges click hereWe ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada via USPS. 

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FRESH CHESTNUTS Because of the time required in transit, fresh nuts cannot be shipped anywhere out of the U.S.
How do we size our chestnuts and why should you know?

If you want your fresh chestnuts for Thanksgiving they must be shipped the week of 11/16.

Interested in seeing how your nuts were harvested?  If so check out our harvest video.
Jumbo Colossal Chestnuts (>1.5" diameter) -- 5 lb bags only. $8.00/lb
($40.00 per bag)
Large Colossal Chestnuts (1.25 -1.5" diameter) -- 4 lb minimum order. Shipping wt = nut  weight plus 1 lb for packaging.  We reserve the right to substitute if quantities are lacking.  About 24 per lb. $6.50/LB

4 lb minimum order

Medium Colossal Chestnuts (1.125-1.25" diameter) -- 4 lb minimum order.  Shipping wt = nut weight plus 1 lb for packaging.  The recommended size for roasting. About 36 per lb. $5.75/lb

4 lb minimum order


Make sure you take time to check out our chestnut bowls for your roasted chestnuts

Large Holiday Gift Box -- The perfect gift for the person who is impossible to buy for.  Four lbs. of our large fresh chestnuts available nestled in natural excelsior in a handcrafted box.  Included are directions for preparation and a recipe for a mouth-watering chestnut bisque -- our family's cold-weather favorite.  Best consumed within 2 weeks of receipt.  $39.75


Small Holiday Gift Box -- A smaller version of our Large Holiday Gift Pack.   Two lbs 12 oz. of our large fresh chestnuts available nestled in natural excelsior in a handcrafted box.  Included are directions for preparation.  Best consumed within 2 weeks of receipt.  $30.75





. . . and for the perfect addition to your fresh chestnuts consider one of our hand-turned chestnut bowls.  Now available here.




Notice:  As required by law, all of our dried nuts, flour and product mixes are prepared in our licensed commercial kitchen for your safety.  We are inspected annually by the WA State Dept. of Agriculture. 


Dried Chestnuts  1 lb bag -- Gluten free.  Dried and peeled.  Equals 2 lbs 6 oz. fresh nuts in the shell.  Use in recipes throughout the year. 

Dried Chestnuts 5-lb-bag --  Gluten free.  Dried and peeled.  5 lb bag.  Use in recipes throughout the year.   $11.50/lb -- total:  $57.50. 













Chestnut Chips 1 lb bag -- Gluten free Small bits of dried chestnuts that rehydrate quickly -- 1/2 C of chips in 1 C boiling water rehydrates in 4 minutes.  Can be used for making soup, garnishing a salad, or maybe for making a topping for your favorite ice cream. 











NOTE:  Our flour mills have only been used for chestnut flour, so if you are gluten intolerant you can be assured that our chestnut flour is pure.

NOTE:  Our chestnut flour is milled from dried nuts that do not contain pellicle -- that brown skin that covers the nut beneath the shell.  The pellicle contains tannins that give the flour a bitter taste.  As a result our flour is sweeter.
Chestnut Flour -- extra fine --  1 lb bag.  Gluten free.  Milled in our commercial kitchen.  Great for making puree or fine-textured bake goods. 

Chestnut Flour -- extra fine -- 5 lb bag @ $11.50/lb -- total:  $57.50.  Gluten free.  Milled in our commercial kitchen. 



Stone-Milled Chestnut Flour -- 1 lb bag.  Gluten free.  Stone milled on our old world Austrian mill at slow speeds to preserve nutrients from dried Italian chestnuts.  


Stone-Milled Chestnut flour -- 5 lb bag @ $12.00/lb -- total:  $60.00.  Gluten free.  Milled on our stone mill. 
$60.00/5 lbs



Chestnut Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix -- Gluten Free.  High in fiber.  A light fluffy mix with the sweetness of chestnuts.  Quick and easy.  Makes 12  6" pancakes. 


The Basics, a Gluten Free Gift Pak -- Includes 1 lb chestnut flour, 1 lb dried chestnuts and 1 lb dried chestnut chips.  Gluten free.  Comes in a handmade wooden crate lined with excelsior and a raffia tie.  This ships anywhere in the U.S. for $10.50.  A perfect gift for that friend or family member who is gluten intolerant. 




Short-handled Chestnut Roasting Pan -- A quality black carbon steel pan, 11" diameter,  and large perforations.  The broad shallow surface allows for easy roasting of chestnuts over a gas stove or barbecue.  Perfect gift for that special person. 







Chestnut Knife -- Perfect for scoring the nuts before roasting or helping remove the last bit of pellicle.  Unlike wood-handle chestnut knives this one is permanently dishwasher-safe.  (Shipping weight 8 oz).  You won't find a better value in a chestnut knife anywhere. $7.00


CAROLYN'S WOODSHOP -- Benjamin Franklin is famous for his saying, "Waste not, want not," and when we first replaced a number of trees, Carolyn wanted Old Ben to be proud of her, and decided she could do something with the wood that would be better than turning it into firewood.  She had been told by wood turners that chestnut was a terrible wood to work with but she just had to see for herself.  What she discovered was that they were right, but she also saw that chestnut was a wood with tremendous character and a unique grain.  Is it easy to work with?  No, but that just makes it more of a challenge. 

See our chestnut bowls and duck calls on the next page >> 

ABOUT CHESTNUT SIZE -- There are NO SIZE STANDARDS for chestnuts in the U.S.  As a result growers can call their nuts any anything they want and not be wrong.  The most reliable way for the consumer to know what they're getting is to describe them by size as we do, and that can only be accurately done if a sorter is being used.  The majority of growers give you only a verbal description.  What we describe as a Large is called a Jumbo by some growers.  For us a large is 1.25-1.5" in diameter as it goes through the sorter.  What we call a Jumbo is greater than 1.5" and there aren't many of them.  So as a consumer, you need to ask.

We're proud to be members of Chestnut Growers of America, Inc.

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